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The Generals' Camp will develop and encourage individuality and creativity in the lives of our youths, primarily those that have been/are currently orphans, wards of state, and/or foster children, between 14-22 years of age.

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313-462-0536 push 1

Academic Enrichment

Our Focus​​

Everyday students will have the opportunity to get assistance with any subject matter desired. Some tutoring sessions will be scheduled for the students by the counseling department. The counselors are responsible for establishing relationships with of our students' school's counseling department. On Saturdays students meet in a classroom setting and are taught Life Skills and are free to share with their class. There will be activities introduced to incorporate the skills learned and application of those skills throughout the program.

High School Program:

+ After School Homework Helpers

+ Counseling & Specialized Mentoring
+ Life Skills Training/Computer Lab 

+ College Tours/Job Fairs/Educational Forums
+ Grants, Scholarships, Stipends
+ Workshops: Employment options after HS; Trade schools; Armed Forces


After High School

After successfully completing the High School Program a student is scheduled to meet with the Psychiatrist that is over the Counseling Department. At which time a 5 year (and 3 year) plan for the student will be discussed and further appointments scheduled accordingly. A student of the Life School report more often then during High School however, there are more requirements to comply with, as the students have come of age to vote and contribute to society tangibly. There are also more funding available because the students' needs have increased as well.

+ Job Placement Fairs/College Tours

+ Resume Writing Workshops/On-Site College Admissions
+ Counseling/Life Coaching Sessions
+ Creative Writing & Journalism Production Discussions
+ Life Skills Training Courses
+ Entrepreneur/Self-Emplloyment Workshops
+ GED Completion/Computer Literacy Courses
+ Employment Log Submitted bi-weekly
+ Give Back Bank Contributions
+ Leadership Development Courses

Grant Programs

​Education and Recreation

TGC will work with public & private organizations (i. e. Skillman Foundation, Kellogs, WalMart, etc.) to ensure that grants, stipends, and other funds will be made available to all of the students that remain in compliance and eligible by our standards. 

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theater
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment

Value-Added Programs

Each pupil will be evaluated by the psychology/counseling department at the beginning of their program. Recommendations from the Counseling Department will determine the frequency and/or continuation of counseling. During the summer months there will be college tours, on-site admissions, FAFSA completion workshops, Vocational/Trade School Presentations, Sex Education.

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theater
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment


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